0.65 per node

Payment method:(

Unit Price * Rendering Time = Fee/Frame

For example, you render 1 frame on 1 node for 30 minutes, the cost would be: $1.36 * 0.5 Hr = $0.68/frame

Support Supported Software and Plugins


  • CPU:

        two Intel Xeon customized CPU,     2.2G/core, 24 physical cores
  • Memory:

        32G ECC
  • Storage:

        100T professional NAS storage


contact our customer service via Skype or email to place your order
upload your archived scene file including all materials and setups
we will send testframes to confirm that everything works fine at our end after your confirmation we will proceed start rendering
after we received the payment we will send the files via dropbox or ftp



Contact Us

RenderKA is famous for advanced and strong hardware equipment set and its professional good service since its operation.

At present, RenderKA provides long-term professional rendering farm service for lots of large CG production companies, including tens of movie production companies in Japan and USA. Our business, based on Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Circum-Bohai Sea and Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan regions, radiates to regions with leading cultural creative industry home and abroad.

Strong and perfect cloud rendering platform of RenderKA is equipped with 1000 blade rendering nodes and can provide 24-hour uninterrupted service; it can do rendering for film and television, 3D animation and architectural visualization under high-efficient cooperation.

RenderKA can work with various production software and rendering engines such as 3ds Max, Maya and V-ray at present so that it can accept and adapt different clients’ habits to the extreme.